Auddrey Ambrose
Project Assistant Coordinator, Pangolin Rescue, Rehabilitation, Release (3R) project; and Payment for Ecosystem Services (PES) project

Auddrey graduated from Universiti Malaysia Sabah with a Degree in Science Forestry, majoring in Wood Industry and Technology of Wood Fiber. Passionate about the environment, especially wildlife, she pursued her studies in Master Degree focusing on the impact of traffic noise on bird population in Kinabalu Park.


Before joining LEAP Spiral, she worked as a Research Assistant for the assistant manager in the Sulaman Wetland Sanctuary and is also one of the team members of the Eco-Outreach Team under Creation Justice Commission Kota Kinabalu Diocesan where the latter acts as the executor of a special program to assist the Commission in its struggle to provide environmental awareness to the community. Auddrey is currently involved in PES project and Pangolin project as project assistant coordinator.